Venture Capital/Private Equity

The Dassler family has been involved in private investing, now referred to as venture capital or private equity for more than 85 years. It could be argued that Adi Dassler was THE pioneer in Sports Technology, and if not, he was certainly in the vanguard. That pioneer spirit and entrepreneurialism is still evident in the Dassler family and the Adi Dassler International Family Office (ADIFO™) today. Direct investing was and is an integral part of the family’s overall strategy still today.

All venture capital (VC)/private equity (PE) and private investing is not created equal. There is a significant difference in institutionally sponsored private equity and non-institutional private equity from several standpoints, not the least of which is transparency and direct access. One of the major differentiators of ADIFO™ can very simply be referred to as: ACCESS. Access not only to our global network of custodial, legal, and investment professionals, but to non-institutional VC/PE private investing. These scenarios are the direct invest opportunities that take full advantage of the family’s long-standing relationships in everything related to sport.

Our opportunities are truly unique, transparent and exclusive to us.