The ADIFO™ Team

The ADIFO™ senior leadership team consists of internationally seasoned experts in investment banking, venture capital management, and the governance of MFO’s operating on a global scale.

The ADIFO™ Team

The ADIFO™ senior leadership team consists of internationally seasoned experts in investment banking, venture capital management, and the governance of MFO’s operating on a global scale.

We at ADIFO™ strive to share our extensive experience, competence network, and bespoke solutions with like-minded families and qualified individuals on a global basis.

We at ADIFO™ pride ourselves on our client focus and the strong relationships we develop with individuals, families and institutions. ADIFO ™ assures that client interest and transparency are always placed first.

Julian "Brad" Bradham

Founding partner CEO
Adi Dassler International Family Office

Brad has known the Dassler family for over 27 years and is a veteran of the Financial Services and Private Wealth industry with over 38 years of industry experience. During that time, he has successfully established, grown, and turned around offices for major financial institutions in North America. Along with the Dassler Family, he helped start ADIFO offshore in Nassau, The Bahamas, and then established the current U.S. company: Adi Dassler International Family Office, LLC in Miami. He brings executive, client focus and real world domestic and international experience to ADIFO.

Brad graduated from Clemson University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. Further study at The Wharton School 1996 – 1998 in their Professional Development Program/ Advanced Study. 

Allen Johnson

Founding partner
Director of Wealth Management
IAR Apollon Wealth Management
Adi Dassler International Family Office

With more than 33 years of experience advising wealthy individuals and their families.  Allen addresses  client finances comprehensively and holistically, from managing portfolios to managing risk.  He serves as primary family advisor, coordinating activities with attorneys, bankers and other family advisors.  While based out of Tampa, Allen serves clients in multiple locations across the United States and abroad, and travels to meet with clients in person on a regular basis.

Previously, Allen was a Director, Client Advisor at Alex Brown. He earned a BS from the Honors College at the University of South Carolina and an MBA in finance from the University of South Carolina. In 2018 Allen  joined the Bridge Angel Investor Group in Sarasota Florida after spending several years as a member of the Atlanta Technology Angels Group.

Kim Martin

Partner, Chief Administrative Officer,
Adi Dassler International Family Office

Kim brings more than 27 years of Financial Industry experience to the Adi Dassler International Family Office.  Her primary responsibilities involve handling all operational, administrative, and service matters for the clients as well as managing client relationships for the practice. Her licenses include: FINRA series 7, 8, 63 and 65. She earned a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Speech Communication from the University of Georgia in Athens.

Kim’s hobbies and interests include traveling, reading, sports and spending time with her family.

Josh Renda


Josh has been in the financial services industry for more than 20 years and has spent the previous 15 years assisting clients in developing comprehensive wealth management plans that integrate investment strategies with retirement and wealth transfer objectives.

Josh earned BS degrees from the University of Florida in Finance and Marketing. He also earned his Certified Financial Planner® designation in 2009 and Certified Private Wealth Advisor® designation in 2010

Michael J. Dolberg


Michael J. Dolberg is the CEO and a Founding Partner at Apollon Wealth Management, a collaborative and transparent financial planning firm focused on aligning client’s goals of growing and preserving their hard-earned wealth.  Upon conception, Apollon set out to change the retail model for investments away from a product platform to one that is 100% client driven.  With exceptional white glove service, Michael has executed the founding partners’ vision of creating an independent organization with the sole mission of enriching the lives of others through concerted financial planning and guidance.